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Sample Presentations

Here are some sample presentations. In most cases the work has subsequently been published in peer-reviewed journals.  
On this page you can find a full list of citations. 

Immunotherapy Trial Design 

​What are the implications for trial design, sizing, analysis and interpretation if the treatment effect is delayed

Adaptive Trial Design 

​Experience and learning from one of the first adaptive trials performed in oncology 

Biomarkers and Subgroups 

How to establish which patients benefit most from therapy 

Progression Free Survival 

​How to best design and analyse your trial when using PFS 

Phase II trial design 

​The benefits of randomisation even with small patient numbers


Manuscripts published in peer review journals on trial design and methodology in a regulatory setting

Model free audit methodology for bias evaluation
of tumour progression in oncology.
Stone A, Macpherson E, Smith A,
Jennison C Pharmaceutical Statistics 2015 14:455-463

When is a seamless study desirable?
Case studies from different pharmaceutical sponsors.
Cuffe RL, Lawrence D, Stone A, Vandemeulebroecke M.  Pharmaceutical Statistics 
2014 13: 229-237


Can a treatment be licensed on the basis of post
treatment predictive biomarkers?
Stone A, Schmitt N.  Pharmaceutical Statistics
2014 13: 214-221

Strong control over multiple endpoints: are we adding value to the assessment of medicines? 
Stone A, Chuang-Stein C.  Pharmaceutical Statistics

2013 12: 189-191


Missing data and censoring in the analysis of progression free survival in oncology clinical trials. 

Denne J, Stone A, Bailey-Iacona R, Chen T.  J
Biopharmaceutical Statistics
2013 23: 951-970


Attenuation of treatment effect due to measurement variability in assessment of progression-free survival. 

Hong S, Schmitt N, Stone A, Denne J.  
Pharmaceutical Statistics
2012 11: 394-402

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